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Summary Archiving Strategy Document

September 20, 2022

Jim Paschke

September 20, 2022

Jim Paschke
CEO/ Founder

Summary Archiving Strategy Document

Our unique approach in completing your Data Volume Management (DVM) analysis yields the identification, ranking, and phasing of all your candidate archive objects. This interactive document is unique in that it doesn’t just represent your archiving solution but rather it is the archiving strategy. It tracks results and project phases, identifies past-due tasks, and drives next steps (see our website for details on how this works).

  • Summary Archiving Strategy Document: This is an interactive, one-page view of the objects, phases, savings, and results. This drives each step of the SOW including the downstream artifacts which generates the Detailed ILM Strategy.

  • Detailed ILM Strategy Document: This captures the archive implementation process including objects, their residence and retention times and variants which provides your Safe Harbor for audits and legal cases.

We believe projects that don’t archive the intended data are failures

We believe that one success metric should always be “archival of intended data”.  We understand that issues like business completion criteria and user acceptance can stop an archive project. The best functional mitigation is always knowledge from experience; we really thrive in one-on-one meetings with your community where we explain the solution plus how to fill the gaps and get everyone in the room nodding in agreement.  We also anticipate and eliminate technical roadblocks for you by implementing gap-fixes that we’ve garnered to get you to success.

We are passionate about data archiving

The comprehensive yet simple nature of our Summary Archiving Strategy Document reflects 20 years of refining our approach. We can get you from “Where do we start?” to “Let’s get going” within four hours of our receiving the list of the largest tables in your system.  Our method of phasing, which relies on proprietary, proven strategies ensures our customers quickly achieve success as they define it. 

We are committed to your success

We give you a clear perspective on what objects can be archived, in what order, and exactly when to expect completion.  This lets you set scope based on budget, timelines, and competing priorities.  It also gets you to success faster based on your directives, whether those are to save space, increase performance, meet compliance regulations, or prepare for migration.

We stand ready to help you on your journey

Whatever your database size, business case, and project drivers, Paschke Consulting will get you on the road to success quickly.

Visit our website or email us today and receive your customized Summary Archiving Strategy Document within four business hours.  There is no software to install, and no cost to you.



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